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About Me

I am a photographer, mother, sister, daughter, physician and educator.  All of these roles in my life have shown me that beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, and the camera lens is an amazing window through which to view people, places and circumstances. Photographs, held in ones hands or viewed on a screen, represent that window, and we all see through the window differently.  What we all share is the sense of a connection with the image, and that is what I hope my photography accomplishes for people who see it.

My real creative passion is taking photographs of people who are in their senior years ... the elders of our communities.  And more recently I have started taking photos of aging veterans - those men and women who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  Their stories and their photos are important to listen to and look at, and I am honored every time I take these photos to learn, listen and capture an image of our important history.

Please contact me if you know an aging veteran who would like their photograph taken ... I take these photographs for no charge, I make the photographs freely available for each person and their family, and I will travel to where the veteran would like their photograph taken.

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